Weasel Boy Brewing: A Diamond in the Rough

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We arrived in Ohio on a Thursday night just two days away from the Spartan Beast race.  We were staying just off the highway in a Marriot hotel which turned out to be a really nice find in itself.  We had plans of eating in Cambridge which we thought was a cute little town before we actually saw it.  Unfortunately it was not what we were looking for.  Megan, my fiancée  is gluten free but not for a fad diet.  She has celiacs disease and as a result can not eat gluten.  We were hungry.  We had already drove almost 6 hours from Pennsylvania to Ohio so we started googling.  Megan is working the phone while I'm behind the wheel.  Soon enough we find a little brewery, that offers gluten free pizza, named Weasel Boy Brewing.  Alas, we are on our way.
The ride to brewery was leaving us anxious in regards to what our destination would look like.  We drove through dilapidated areas and we feared we made a mad decision.  At that point though, it didn't even matter.   Most of all, we just needed to eat which made it even better when we stepped into Weasel Boy .
It must have been perfect timing because two bar seats opened up as we walked in.  We were greeted by a friendly bartender who was very knowledgeable about the beer and more then willing to give us his opinion of each.  They kept Megan happy with a great tasting cider while I was able to sample multiple brews.  I enjoyed a few of their regulars, like the Plaid Ferret Scottish Ale and the Brown Stoat Stout, which was the bar tenders beer of choice.  I also had a seasonal mint chocolate stout which tasted as good as it sounds.
The War Dance Pizza was great.  It seemingly had the perfect amount of spice to keep you thirsty but not not too much that you would break out in sweats.
We were pleasantly surprised by the eclectic atmosphere which featured an open mic night of talented, local performers.  We met the owners who were mingling with the customers and helping out behind the bar as needed.
I purchased a Weasel Boy mug after noticing they have a mug club for their regulars.  This is currently my mug of choice on Friday nights.  I love the way the ceramics seem to change color in different lighting.
This bar was truly a great find and I would recommend it to any one driving through or staying near by.
Happy Drinking.

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